Wow.  Can not believe how long it's been...   Anyway, updated some of the picture pointers - several months back I neglected to note here that I switched all photo albums to a Notes database I'm running on my Domino server and I had to clean up a couple loose ends from that.  I guess I'm not going to even try to update this page when I add pictures anymore.  Also updated the title bar pictures and did a little design cleanup.


Stuck the Happy Holidays graphic into the header, linking to the image we used for our Christmas cards this year.


Started reorganizing the site some.  Moved this log from the main page and put a brief message there instead.


OK.  I shouldn't even plan on updating this regularly.  I'm moving everything over to the new host tonight and I guess I should just accept that web design, while I can do it, isn't my idea of a good time and I'm only going to do it because I feel like I should.  
I've completely overhauled my computer so the "My Rig" section needs to be completely redone, and the fact that I've never gotten around to adding any of the 400 or so pictures I've taken since the last update just makes me ashamed.  Also, Lexi is 4 now and Ellie turns 6 in a week, yet I still have the 2 & 4 year pictures up.  
I guess I just over-obsess about everything when I work on the site and I'd just rather play with the girls or do any of 1000 other things rather than come here and spend hours to update a couple pages.
Well, maybe now that I've realized just how out of date it is I'll come back and do something once I finish migrating to the new host. . .  But don't count on it.


Well, I guess once I start on something I can't stop.  It's now long after midnight and I've been working on this since making the previous post.  Granny stuff is done and included on a new Family Stuff portion of the site.

Man, I could go for an apricot pie!

Minor site maintenance.  I just noticed that the pics linked in the header are way out of date.  I'll go through and find some quality recent photos and update them when I get up.


I'm sitting here saddened by the loss of my Grandma "Granny" Ella.  I spent several hours the other day scanning in and printing out pictures of Granny for a collage my dad wanted.  I plan on getting all the pictures together and making an album here in the next couple of days.  Several people asked for access to the digital pictures so I'll probably offer the pictures at a couple different resolutions.

Goodbye Granny, you'll be missed by all those you left behind.


Wow.  I guess the web site has just become something I don't enjoy doing enough to keep up with.  Got tons of pictures that need to be uploaded.  Maybe I'll be guilted into doing something about it soon.  Uploaded a photo album of our pool progress to date, and a sequential progression while they shot gunnite.  Looks like maybe another 2 or 3 weeks until the pool's done.  Just in time for crappy weather.


I've been really behind and haven't even thought about updating for quite some time now.  Since the last post, I've been organizing pictures and playing around with other things that caught my attention (of COURSE, computer related stuff - what are you thinking?)
Today I implemented some things I've had in the works and split the site so I can include a KRT Services section in case anyone ever cares enough to come to the site.  Now have email working and all DNS and domain records updated.


Several updates since the last entry, all related to Album testing.  Bought Photo Meister for Red Eye Reduction and photo touchup and included it in Album testing.  Set up a bunch of tests of the album creators off of the Pictures link.


Getting everything cleaned up on the host.  Got My Rig functional again.  Started messing around with automatic album creation software some more and narrowed it down to 3.  Set up some tests of the album creators off of the Pictures link.


New host isn't liking the existing web structure and I've wanted to clean this up for a while so I guess I'll be reconstructing the whole site.  Did some more testing of thumbnail generators so I'll be incorporating that while rebuilding.  About the only thing functional right now is this index page. 


Some minor polishing of things.  Of course I didn't have much choice since I changed hosts and not everything copied over like it should have.  I've been giving the pictures area some thought and I'm not crazy about the current set up so I downloaded a bunch of utilities for creating thumbnails - we'll see how long it takes to check them out.  I've been grossly negligent with the XMas pictures so I'll have to do that soon - just as soon as I get this host transfer ironed out and all the mail clients accessing their mail again.  Minor updates to My Rig section. 


Minor update to My Rig section.  I decided to put thumbnails of the girl's most recent Pro pictures in the header so I went ahead and did that today.  Good scanner, deals poorly with glass - I thought there was something wrong with it and kept trying to fix the brightness and contrast of the scans, finally pulled the pictures out of the frames and got a good scan on the first try.


OK, I had the best of intentions when starting but I've decided that I just don't really enjoy Web design all that much.  It's not that I dislike it so much as it takes too long and I have better things to do.  I'm reformatting the site to allow me to be lazy and easily update when and if I feel like it.  If you want to see how I'd LIKE to be doing the site (if it didn't take 20 times as long as I have to spend on it) you can check out Ellie's portion of the old web site here.

I've been thinking about how to reformat this site to make it easier for me to update and therefore increase the likelyhood that I'll actually update it.  Worked on reworking and rearranging things.

Updated the My Rig section today.

Upcoming... (?)

  1. Integrate everything located under "Old Content" into someplace that makes sense.

  2. Make a KRT Services page

  3. Hopefully get a static IP and host my entire picture collection from home where I already have it organized and don't have to worry about size limitations.