Family Stuff

A couple things came up that prompted me to create this area of the site.  Read on, if you care.
Albums that contain pictures of my girls aren't listed here - go here to view them


Ellie and Lexi's Family Tree
 Ellie had a Kindergarten assignment to do a family tree.  So after gathering all the pictures (and being the obsessive person that I am...) I put together a page showing everything.  No, Ellie didn't turn this in - I made her cut out the pictures and names and paste them on some construction paper.


Ella Tomicich
We recently lost my grandmother Ella, who our Ellie was named after.  At my father's request, I scanned in a bunch of pictures so I could edit them and we put together a collage to display at her wake.  Several people asked me for copies of the pictures and I figured it would be a good thing to post them here as well, so I've laid out the pictures in a couple ways.  If anyone is looking for the full-size images and has issues with these .JPG files (shouldn't be an issue, I used 0 compression) let me know and I'll provide you with the much larger .BMP files these were created from.  -          ZIP file containing all full-size images in .JPG format.

Ella Album  -                  Same images as in the ZIP file, run through an Album creator program